How It Works

1      How can I buy a plan?

To buy a plan, Opt-in via web, SMS, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp and Twitter, compare health plans that best suits your requirements, Pay and Manage your account.

2      How often do I pay

The premium plan for any healthcare plan is an annual fee. You can pay via web or USSD

3     What do I require to pay

The amount you will be required to pay is the premium amount for your selected plan.

4      Where do I pay

You can Make payments via Web or USSD. For USSD payments, an Order ID is required, this will be generated during plan purchase.

Do I require an ID card
when I visit the Hospital?

You will be required to present your HMO
enrollee Number as Identification.

6     What are the differences in the              different registration points

All registration points are similar with regards to the basic information required to Compare, Buy and Manage your health plan.

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healthcare plan